Flood Early Warning and Early Action System of Bengawan Solo Watershed Portal

Flood Preparedness

Flood Prediction

Bengawan Solo watershed has strategic role and function to support sustainability of human activities. Bengawan Solo watershed 15.947 km2 of total area with covering 17 districts and 3 cities around Central Java Province and East Java Province. The density of population who live in Bengawan Solo watershed area reach 1.028 people/km2. Flood disaster often take place in this area that lead huge damage to economic aspect and the infrastructure in every single year. This flood disaster is caused by land clearing for agricultural areas and also the wrong direction of construction development near the river area which does not comply with land use plan. In order to overcome that problem, research team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and Public Company of Jasa Tirta I, with financial support from “Community Flood Resilience” Program (cooperation between Indonesia Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and Zurich Insurance Indonesia), are developing Flood Early Warning and Early Action System (FEWEAS) which gives information about hourly rainfall prediction for next two days, ten days rainfall prediction until 2019, river water discharge prediction, and height of water surface, with village scale of resolution and hourly interval in Bengawan Solo watershed.

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Rainfall Monitoring

Real-time rainfall data from 26 rain monitoring stations which spread in Bengawan Solo Watershed, can be seen in here.

Water Level Observation

Real-time river water level observation data which observed in 25 stations in Bengawan Solo Watershed is served on graphic form, in order to facilitate you to know the river water level around your residence.

Weather Prediction

Weather prediction for the next 2 days/3 hours in village scale will be able to help you in your activity and make you to be more anticipate when the extreme weather happens. You can find the prediction of air temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and rainfall.

Climate Prediction

Climate Prediction until 2019/ten-day in village scale resolution can inform the rainfall prediction. This climate prediction uses a model developed by ITB called Smart Climate Model which is capable and used in many locations in Indonesia.

Flood Prediction

Flood Prediction for the next 2 days in Bengawan Solo watershed is completed by the early warning when the flood will happen. It can also inform where the inundation will exist and how much the level of the inundation.

Your Info

You can share the weather condition which is happening around you in form of image and video. You can also report the news when the flood happens di Bengawan Solo Watershed and is published to the public. Your sharing info in twitter @info_feweas can be seen also in here.

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